What I want to get out of this site

a world of possibilities

I always thought it would be more fun to build my own site than it would building for a client. The freedom, the ability to make decisions on the fly and not be held accountable to other peoples ideas or requirements. An empty canvas on which I could build whatever it was that I wanted.

Sounds great, except in reality it usually ended up being the most difficult of projects, and more often than not, I would end up feeling fed up with the site before it was even finished.

This was most likely because I had no direction, I had nothing to aim for and nothing to consider whilst building the site. The lack of direction was more of a hinderance than a creative unshackling.

This post probably won’t provide much value to anyone reading it, it’s essentially a public brainstorming session that will hopefully help me develop a brief or specifications document that I can use as a reference when building this site.

My personal goals and objectives

I want to use this site to learn and practice new skills and techniques. React & Next JS are high up on that list, and although I’ve done bits of tinkering with both, I haven’t really had the chance to work on anything significant. Building this site using React & Next JS will give me some real world experience in building and launching sites using those technologies.

One area I specialise in is web-performance, so it's important for me that this site lives up to expectations. Who would believe an article about web-performance from a person who's own website was slow? So this site needs to be fast by default, and then I can have some trying to squeeze even more speed out of it.

A big goal of mine is to get into doing talks and presentations at conferences. It’s not something I’ve done before, but it’s always been an area I’ve wanted to venture into. My hope is that this site will help me build a profile for myself, showcasing my knowledge and experience in a way that will instil confidence in those running conferences that I can provide some value to their audience.

One final objective of this site is to gain more experience writing content. I’m very critical of my writing, and I know that the biggest way to improve is to do more of it. This site can give me a platform to do just that. This part is the one I’ll probably struggle with the most. So it’s important that I do everything I can to make the process of writing and publishing content as easy as possible.

Content Ideas

Whilst on the subject of writing content, I guess it would be a good idea to list out a few topical areas that I could focus on.

Web-Performance - One area I find incredibly fascinating, and something that is growing more and more in popularity thanks to things like Core Web Vitals supposedly becoming a ranking factor within Google.

Magneto 2 Development - For the past 5 years I’ve been working on Magento / Adobe Commerce projects daily, and I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that could help others.

NextJS & React - Rather than utilising previously acquired knowledge and experience, my content around NextJS and React will be more of a ‘learn with me’ type thing, highlighting the good and bad points I uncover whilst building this site.

Frontend Development - I’m primarily a frontend developer with a strong focus on CSS (more so than Javascript). I love experimenting with new features and functionality, coming up with cool and interesting ways to achieve objectives. This would be a lot of fun to write about.

AI - The new kid on the block, every man and his dog has heard about the sudden influx of AI driven tools. Some people believe this is the most exciting development since the internet began, others are a bit more skeptical and worry about how it could affect peoples jobs and livelihoods, and then there are those who are frightened about the impending doom that will be brought about from AI in a Skynet like scenario. The one thing that seems to be for certain, is it’s not going to go away, so the more we can learn and understand about it, the better it will be for us all.